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Gas vs Electric Heating

It is that time of year again, the air is getting colder outside and the desire for cosy nights in with hot chocolate, candles lit and a warm home to go home to are upon us.

With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to discuss the advantages of Electrical Heating and why it is now far more appealing than gas heating.

For the longest time, gas heating was the go-to system in most homes, due to it still being thought that it was the more affordable and efficient way to heat up the home, however, this is no longer the case, electric heating systems have now become the leaders in heating systems.

Electric heaters warm up and begin to disperse heat far quicker than gas heaters do, electric heaters are 100% efficient, the energy you pay for is used – nothing is lost. With gas heating, a central boiler needs to heat up and will then slowly disperse hot water, which then loses heat as it’s sent along the pipes.

Advanced electrical heating thermostats can automatically control separate radiators in each room to help level out and create consistent heat throughout the home. For example, if you don’t want one of your bedrooms using any heat, the heating for that room can be turned down, or on and off as needed. You can heat each and every room to the temperature you want. You won’t find this with gas heating though, gas boilers just have one central thermostat that controls the entire house, so some rooms will be hotter than others depending on the size.

Maintenance for electric heating is far less and much less expensive than gas heating. The reason for this is that electric heaters don’t have as many parts that can go wrong, whereas gas boilers which are powered by combustion, are prone to problems and can be very expensive to fix.

Installing a new central heating system can be very inconvenient, take weeks, and will require you to rip up floors and walls, while electric heaters can all be fitted in a day and simply plugged into a nearby electrical outlet.

Electric heaters are also easy to move when decorating or extending your rooms. You don’t need to drain your heating system when moving a radiator-like you would with gas – so there’s no unnecessary plumbing costs and no messy pipes. I know which I would prefer!

Of course, as you can see electrical heating is definitely the way forward, having said that hiring a qualified expert team to carry out your installation is essential, that’s where we come in. NSN Electrical Ltd is an experienced electrical heat installer. On top of this we offer a 10-year product warranty and will always be on hand to answer any questions you have, should you have any problems.

Here's what our customers say:

'Joss and his team were pulled late into our project because it had confounded others, so his timeline was horrifyingly short. NSN performed a fresh assessment, quickly offered options, quotes, and a timeline, and had their team on the project within a week. Joss kept us informed and was unflaggingly generous of his time and expertise.'
Chip Montrose
'A great experience all-round! I had a new energy-efficient heater installed, as well as an EICR and necessary remedial work. A team of friendly, approachable professionals carried out the required work promptly and entirely to my satisfaction. Highly recommended.'
Elena Seymenliyska

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