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Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’d like some extra information please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01736 447 307.

How often does an EICR need to be done?

An EICR lasts 5years. But it is worth checking your EICR certificate as the expiry date is at the discretion of the tester and can be less than 5 years.

What Electrical Safety Standard do I need to know about?

You don’t need to worry about any electrical safety standard, let us do that for you. We work to a standard set of regulations, BS7671. The electrical regulations. These state the rules and regulations in the electrical industry. They are constantly reviewed, amended and updated. We are currently working on the 18th Edition Amendment 1 as of 1st January 2020.

Is an EICR a legal requirement?

As of 1st April 2021, it is the law for all private rented properties to have an up to date EICR. Landlords and/or letting agents can’t move new tenants in until a property has an in date EICR on the property.

What is an EICR?

Electrical Installation Condition Report. This is an MOT for your electrics.

Testing the fixed wiring of your electrical installation.

Also known as, FWT – Fixed Wiring Test.

Can you replace a fuse box with circuit breakers?

You can, and we advise it. Not only circuit breakers, but we now install what we call RCBO’s for every circuit. These are fuses and RCDs (fault protection) built into one small switch. So if you have a fault on one circuit, you only have a single tripped circuit, you don’t lose the whole house.

How long does it take to replace a fuse box?

Depending on the size and complexity of it this can take between 4-8hrs. But we complete a change over within the same day to make sure your electrics are back on as soon as possible.

Do I need an electrician to replace a circuit breaker?

You do yes. This is not only a skilled job that only a fully qualified electrician can carry out but it must be signed off and notified, which only a registered electrician (like us) can carry out.

How much does it cost to replace a fuse box?

How long is a piece of string… This all depends on the size of the fusebox and how many circuits are required. Prices vary but start from around £500+VAT

Can old wiring use more electricity?

No! Old appliances and fittings can though. As older units are less efficient and wear down over time. Modern equipment uses new technology to be more efficient and cost less to run.

How disruptive is electrical renovation?

This totally depends on the amount of work you have done. A full house renovation may cause quite a bit of distribution as we would need to get in all rooms and take flooring up. But we always work alongside our customers, creating the best flow for any job that we carry out. Leaving our customers with nothing to worry about.

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