Electrical heating, Penzance, Cornwall

Electric Heating Design and Install

Electric Heating Installation in and around Penzance.

What’s the problem with traditional storage heaters?

Storage heating has been a classic way of heating a property that has no access to gas or oil. Storage heaters use a cheap overnight tariff, known as “Economy 7” to heat the bricks within the heaters at a cheaper rate. But they come with a couple of major problems. They use energy inefficiently and it is difficult to control when the heat is let out of them.

Electrical heating, Penzance, Cornwall

Modern storage heaters

New to the market storage heaters are cheaper to run, and give you greater control. So, you are no longer heating your house throughout the day, reserving the heat for when you really want it. Control at your fingertips.

To find out if new-to-market electric storage heaters are for you book a free heating survey. Here we will:

  • Audit your current heating appliances
  • Calculate the size of heater required per room
  • Quote to supply and install upgraded storage heating for you

The benefits of upgrading your storage heaters

  • Reduce your electrical bills.
  • Get your home warm when you actually want it to be.
  • Never run out of heating when you need it again.
  • Lower electrical consumption due to only charging the heaters as much as you actually need them.
  • Bring EPC certificates to a higher level, required for the private rented market or selling a property.
  • The heaters can be programmed to only charge up overnight to the level that is required for the next day’s programme. So you don’t spend out on electric heating you won’t use.
  • You don’t even have to worry about disposing your old heaters we’ll take care of that for you!

Getting cost effective, controllable heating is simple

  1. Book your free heating survey

    We’ll visit at a time that suits you.

  2. Room by room report

    Our room by room reports mean you can choose the right solution for every room in your home.

  3. Relax

    In the warmth of your home

Here's what our customers say:

'A great experience all-round! I had a new energy-efficient heater installed, as well as an EICR and necessary remedial work. A team of friendly, approachable professionals carried out the required work promptly and entirely to my satisfaction. Highly recommended.'
Electrical Installation Testimonial
Elena Seymenliyska

Frequently asked questions

What is the most economical way to heat your home?

The best way is utilise your heating in the most economical way is with a thermostat and programmer. This will control your heating to only come on when required.

Do you need a cylinder with an electric boiler?

This depends on the size of the installation and how many hot water outlets the property has.

Do storage heaters need servicing?

No, but they may need upgrading to become the most efficient type of heating for your home. Old storage heaters have been discontinued and replaced with a new much more efficient heater that works on the off-peak supply.

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