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Charging your electric vehicle off of a 3-pin plug is not just desperately slow, but can be unsafe.
Installing a dedicated EV charger at your home will save you time and money when charging your electric vehicle.

We are the number one destination for EV charger installation across Cornwall.

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EV Charger install in Cornwall

Having your own electric vehicle charge point is a great way to make sure you never run out of charge.

You will be able to charge whenever you are at home or work, making sure you always leave with a 100% battery level.

A home charger can give you as much as 30 miles of charge an hour, compared to a measly 8 miles from a 3-pin plug, a commercial charger can give you 90 miles of charge an hour! Most people will use there EV charger for top up charging, hardly ever charge from empty when parked up.

To keep you in control, we will always start with a full free of charge site visit, this will include:

  • Discussing your electric vehicle charging options
  • Checking your current electrical installation and what is required to add an EV charger safely
  • Ensuring legal compliance

We will only advise on your best possible options for electric vehicle charging available to you and discuss any questions you may have.

The benefits of a home electric vehicle charger:

  • Faster charging of your EV
  • The safest way to charge your EV
  • Full smart capabilities, meaning you can set charging times, view data from charges and even lock the charger to make sure no one else uses it when your away
  • Charge others to charge their EV
  • Grants available to encourage installing an EV charger to your business, School or rented property
  • A greater choice of electricity providers that offer significant reduced rates for charging your electric vehicle at home
  • Utilise solar generation if you already have solar installed. Charge for FREE!

Getting an EV charge point installed in Cornwall :


    Get in contact for your free site visit and quote.


    Book a slot that suits you to have your EV charger installed.


    Sit back and relax, while you charge your car in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what our customers say:

'Very prompt service from them to sort out our EV charger problem. A visit from Joss sorted out my ‘ operator error’ ! I have no hesitation in recommending them for their quality of service. Keith McIntosh.'
Electrical Installation Testimonial
Keith McIntosh
'NSN installed an EV Charger at our holiday home in St Ives. The whole process from start to finish was exceptional. The friendly, informative team took their time to understand my needs, provided me with a competitive quotation, and carried out a great installation. The system is brilliant, easy to use for me and for our customers. I would definitely recommend NSN Electrical.'
Electrical Installation Testimonial
Richard Sandford

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a 7Kw and a 22Kw EV Charger?

The 7Kw EV Charger are designed to be put on a single phase supply which are mostly found in domestic properties and charge your car on average 30 miles her hour.

Whereas a 22Kw EV Charger can only be supplied on a 3 phase supply which are mostly found in commercial places like hotels, offices etc.

22Kw chargers give you up to 90 miles per hour. Three times the amount of a single phase charger.

What do 'tethered' and 'untethered' mean?

Tethered Charger: Includes a permanently attached cable. Like having a petrol pump for your electric car, simply turn up and plug in.

Untethered Charger: Is when there is no cable built into the charger.

How can I stop people using my EV charger?

Home EV charging: To stop people using your home EV charger, you can set up a pin code on your EV charger.

Business EV charging: People using the EV charger must have a RFID card to activate the EV charger or pay for it via the app if you have setup payment back-office system

We can carry out all the above options for you.

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