How to store excess solar energy in the UK?

If  you have solar PV installed at your home, the most effective way to maximise on its benefits is to have a solar battery installed.

Maximise the benefits of your solar PV system by having a solar battery installed that will store the excess energy your solar panels produce.

How does this work I hear you ask?

Well, the battery catches all the extra energy that the solar panels produce whilst the sun is shining and if you are not in need of this energy it will keep it for when you do need it, for example during the evenings.

Clever right?!

Rather than extra energy going back to the grid for very little return, utilising your own extra energy will save you more on your energy bills.

Having a battery installed would also be very useful during a power cut, by storing the excess energy this could be used should there be a power cut.

Solar batteries use an inverter to transfer the energy from the panels to the battery, this is installed with the battery.

Battery storage systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and they can help you maximise the benefits of your solar panels by allowing you to use more of the electricity you generate.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have battery storage with solar panels?

You don’t need to have a battery for your solar PV panels to work. However, the battery energy storage allows you to use more of the energy you generate in your home rather than exporting it back to the grid, which could save you money.

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YES, we do. We offer advice, guidance and of course our quotations free of charge.

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