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Gardening and outside lighting ideas

Whatever the size of your garden, creating a safe and attractive garden lighting can really change the aesthetic and feel of your garden and outdoor living space.

Here at NSN Electrical, we have carried out a number of bespoke “design to install” outside lighting projects across Cornwall and work alongside many lighting manufacturers to find the perfect product for the client.

We work with you to create your vision and if your not sure what will look good then we can provide you with advice from our years of industry experience.

With this in mind, what are your options when it comes to garden/outdoor lighting:


Spotlights can be used to highlight all kinds of features to enhance the beauty that is already present in your garden, making them an excellent option for garden lighting. They can also be used to project shadows in creative ways.

Line Lighting:

Not only will lighting in your garden add and highlight beauty but it can also illuminate functions and hazards. Line lighting can provide strips of illumination for paths and stairs to guide foot traffic. It can also be used in conjunction with water features to light up the surface of the water, this can really make your outside space stand out from the rest.

Ground Lighting:

When spaced correctly, outdoor ground lights can be an excellent way to light up a path, outline a lawn, or provide caution for a hazard such as a slope or a drop-off.


Bulkhead lighting is perfect for outside settings. Depending on the style used, they can give a garden an atmosphere that ranges from industrial to nautical to a cosy cabin. They are watertight and offer soft but incredibly bright light for areas that need to be illuminated.

Festoon Lights:

Festoon lights, string lights, and festival lights can take a variety of different sizes and styles, including lanterns or globe lighting. They are a perfect way to give a garden character and provide lighting for parties or gatherings, ideal for you if you are frequent hosts.

Security Lighting:

Keeping your garden area secure and protected is important, and there are many security lighting solutions out there. Motion-detection systems can detect motion in the garden and turn on a bright spotlight in response, illuminating the area.

You can choose from floodlights that attach to high points on the outside of your home, ground-based lighting solutions, and even powerful LED lighting solutions that offer plenty of illumination, a long lifespan, and low power consumption.

Now that you know a bit more about what can be achieved in your outside living space, it is time to get thinking about how you would create your dream garden using lighting.

We would love to hear your ideas or what you may have done in your garden already.

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