Best electrician near me

Best Electrician Near Me

How to find the best electrician near you

Finding a reliable electrician for your home or business in Cornwall can be very hard. Trades in general are hard to pin down on price and time-frames. That’s why we have put together our 5 point guide on what to look for when searching for an electrician in Cornwall:

  • Reviews – Has this electrician got good reviews and many of them? Are they up to date, informative and recent. The best way to view a trade is through others experience.
  • Contactable – Can you contact them when you need to? Do they always answer the phone and return your emails in good time? If they never get back to you or ignore any form of contact then it’s time to look elsewhere.
  • Clear Website – Do they have a clear website that lists their services and previous jobs? If they are hard to pin down exactly what they do or hard to find contact details then move on.
  • Time-keeping – When you have finally jumped in and booked that first site visit for your quote, did they turn up on time? Did they get you a clear quote in the time-frame promised?
  • Listen / Advice – Did they actually listen to your requirements? Did you get a clear quote to the specification discussed? Did they have clear advice based on your requirements and show a clear professionalism based on what can be done to regulations and your requests mixed?


All the above should be looked at when assessing who to employ to undertake your electrical installation, but also this can be carried across any trade.

Trades in general have a bad name for themselves with not being able to keep to appointments, contact or turn up on time. But following our guidance above should leave you comfortable in the knowledge that you can find the best electrician near you.


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Here's what our customers say:

'Joss and his team were pulled late into our project because it had confounded others, so his timeline was horrifyingly short. NSN performed a fresh assessment, quickly offered options, quotes, and a timeline, and had their team on the project within a week. Joss kept us informed and was unflaggingly generous of his time and expertise.'
Electrical Installation Testimonial
Chip Montrose
'Amazing service providers, amazing electricians and great partners on small and large projects! Wouldn't consider using anyone else!'
Electrical Installation Testimonial
Kathleen Gearhart-Filmer

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an electrician to replace a circuit breaker?

You do yes. This is not only a skilled job that only a fully qualified electrician can carry out but it must be signed off and notified, which only a registered electrician (like us) can carry out.

Do you have call out charges for an electrician?

Yes. The cost of this depends if you require an electrician the same-day and if you require an electrician out of normal opening hours (8:00-17:00 Mon-Fri). These factors will raise the cost of the call out.

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