Pro-Line Windows

Electrical Installation


Pro-line ( are suppliers and installers of high-performance windows across the South West, and they came to us here, at NSN Electrical, for a major lighting upgrade in their factory and offices. 

We started the project with a full survey of the current lighting. This was broken down into three main parts that we could look to improve –  

Lumens (light) output

Energy usage 


It was soon obvious to see that the lighting was highly outdated and inefficient. The amount of energy being used for the lighting was not being replicated in the lumen output. A number of the lights were not in full use or not in working order at all. We found that all of this was creating dark-spots across the factory, including some machinery. 

Next, we put together a spreadsheet for the client to show them the comparisons between their current lighting and a proposed plan by NSN Electrical. This was broken down into –  

Lumens output 

Cost to run 

Cost to install 

This helped the client physically see the improvements that could be reached.  

The spreadsheet report showed the lumen output increase but cost to run decrease, due to the use of LED technologies proposed, which would save the client money over time in running and maintenance costs. Another advantage that came to light, would be the instant illumination to 100% output of the new lighting, no warm up time as previously suffered.   

Working to a fixed quote agreed by the client, NSN Electrical carried out the installation of the proposed lighting upgrade on dates that the factory was closed. The work was carried out to the planned time scale and in-time ready for re-opening.  

The improvements are fully visible and has had high praise from the client. We are very proud of this project, being able to deliver a product to the clients requirements and needs.