Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Home’s Electric System

The electric system you have in your home is usually a product of the time that it was built, so older homes are usually only equipped to handle a very low amount of amperage, meaning that the breaker or fuse that the electricity flows through can trip more easily.

The two biggest problems that this causes are:

Faulty wiring in your household and loose connections can increase the risk of electric shocks and/or;

If the breaker does not trip and the amperage running through the electrical system is too large to handle, the wires could overheat and start a fire.

It is for these reasons that it is best to replace the electrical system in older homes.

Indications that your home need a new electrical system installed:

  • Circuit breakers tripping or fuses blowing frequently
  • A low number of outlets in the home
  • Lights that dim when other appliances are turned on
  • Minor shocks when touching an electrical appliance
  • Burning smells in any room
  • A lack of three-pronged outlets throughout the house
  • You find yourself having to use a lot of extension cords or power strips to support all of your devices
  • You have built additions to your home like a new garage, office or workshop
  • Your circuit breaker trips when you operate a hair dryer

Once you have decided that your home does need a new or updated electrical system, it is carried out by qualified licensed electricians.

Here at NSN Electrical we carry out all types of electrical installations, from replacing a light to full bespoke “design to install” commercial projects. 

We enjoy helping our clients out with any aspects of electrical work that they require information or guidance on.

We offer a full service from site survey to full commissioning, for a quote contact us on our website or give us a call on 01736 447307.

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