How To Install An EV Charger at Home

If you have been thinking of purchasing an electrical vehicle or have already ordered yours, then you will be looking for an EV Charge Point for your home.

Like all new purchases, sourcing and understanding the process of an EV Charger can be a minefield!

Luckily, NSN Electrical are here to help, in this article we will explain the process of having an EV charger installed at home, and with the assistance of EV Charge Point experts it is not as complex as you may think.

Firstly, it is well worth knowing that the UK Government are currently offering grants of £500 towards EV Charge Points which will bring the cost of the Charger significantly down, As OLEV approved contractors, we are able to apply for this on your behalf.

Once you have decided to go for an installation in your home, contact an experienced team of EV installers in your area such as NSN Electrical Ltd, from here we will take some details from you on what you require and organise a site visit to your home, this will enable us to assess the job and decipher what needs to be done for your Charge Point to be installed successfully and efficiently.

The site visit will give us the opportunity to discuss where the best place is for the charger to be installed and the type of charger that you would like fitted.

Following our site visit we will send you out a free quotation with no obligation, if you choose to accept the quote we will go ahead with starting your application for the OLEV Grant and arrange a date for installation.

Assuming the quote is approved we will go ahead and apply for the OLEV Grant on your behalf, making what can be a very confusing process as simple as we can for you and will fill out most of the paperwork for you, making it as hassle free as we can.

The final step will be for our expert engineers to come out to your home and install your brand new EV Charger, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service we can and are highly experienced in installing EV Charge Points.

Now your EV Charge Point is installed you simply need to connect it to your electric vehicle and let it charge. Simple as that!

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