Benefits of Smart Switching

Smart switches have multiple uses around the home, they can control lights, hardwired appliances like waste disposal units and fireplaces, even the ceiling and bathroom fans.

The best smart switches will still work as a regular light switch, but with the advantage of providing you with new ways to control your lighting and switch-wired devices.

The most common way to operate your smart switches is through a dedicated app, connected to your home wifi network, so you can access your switches from anywhere, anytime.

From a security perspective smart switching is amazing; switching lights on or off to give the appearance of your property having people in it when you are actually away will give you that added sense of security in your home.

It can also be both time saving and cost effective as you can operate appliances from outside your home, so if you have forgotten to switch something off or need to turn an item on you can do so from your phone, how smart is that!

You can also operate your outdoor lighting by linking them to motion sensors, therefore lighting up your garden when the sensor is triggered, smart lighting is a great step towards a more secure home.  

And if needed, you can still turn the lights on or off as you previously did by toggling the in-wall switch; ideal if you have guests or if your phone isn’t accessible.

Here at NSN Electrical we can work with you to install smart switches in your home.

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